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Every telecom and technology environment is different and will evolve over time. Valicom offers customized, flexible options built around the Clearview software platform.

It's the engine that drives a disciplined and effective telecom and technology expense management program, whether used alone, or paired with our Professional Services.

TEM’ stands for telecom and technology expense management. What it actually implies client to client, is different. Choose the solution that's right for your business, your technology environment, and your team.

TEM Software

Software Only Model

Clearview Host & Load Subscription

With the Clearview Subscription, Valicom sets your organization up on Clearview, trains your staff to use it, assists with invoice data loading and steps away.  This is also referred to as a Host & Load Service, which allows your internal teams to manage telecom and technology as they always have, but with a much better tool.

Why would I choose this option?

  • We want to upgrade manual processes to a more sophisticated software solution.
  • We manage ourselves but want to be more productive and find more savings.


With the Host & Load Service, Valicom:

  • Hosts and deploys the Clearview software platform
  • Supplies secure, permission-based access for an unlimited amount of authorized users
  • Receives, tracks and loads electronic or paper invoices inside Clearview
  • Provides comprehensive inventory management of all services and physical equipment
  • Provides standard data feed to AP/GL application and/or provides complete cost allocation information in report formats
  • Provides unlimited standard and customized reporting at no additional charge
  • Provides optional bill payment of all telecom and IT related invoices
  • Includes software training sessions for Company-selected personnel
  • Provides technical support during standard business hours
  • Performs monthly checkpoint meetings
Telecom Expense Management Software

Telecom Expense Management Software and Services

Hybrid TEM Model

Clearview + Professional Services

With Clearview+ appropriate staff is setup and trained on Clearview and Valicom provides back office support for selected tasks (contract servicesinvoice services, and technology expense management). This allows your internal team to manage what they are skilled at doing, while taking advantage of professional help when needed.

Why would I choose this?

  • We have in-house staff, but don’t have enough time or expertise for certain things.
  • We hope to streamline by outsourcing some tasks, like auditing or optimization.


Telecom Expense Management Services

Fully Outsourced Model

Valicom Professional Services (BPO)

With Valicom's BPO, you leave the driving to us. Some organizations prefer to outsource the entire TEM process and rest assured that it is being managed proactively and professionally at every step. Using Clearview, our telecom audit teams do just that.

Why would I choose this?

  • We don’t have the time, capability or capacity to manage telecom in house.
  • We prefer to rely on experts to manage our telecom inventory and costs effectively.
Outsourced TEM Services

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