Pop Quiz! What Are Your Next Steps for TEM?

Companies come in all different sizes, stages, and infrastructures. Because of this, needs and the bandwidth to satisfy these needs are not all alike. Each company should be treated as its own and this is why Valicom has created a quiz for organizations to determine what the next best steps are for telecom and technology expense management (TEM). This quiz asks key questions to evaluate where you fall on the spectrum of TEM optimization, which provides a means to help determine what feasible options there are for your company to improve its technology environment.

Why TEM?    

First, we should highlight why you would want to optimize your TEM environment in the first place. Simply put, you will realize savings (big ones!) and allow in-house efforts to be focused elsewhere. Our clients, on average, see 15 – 40% savings on their overall telecom and technology spend. For example, a major hospitality client of ours has now seen savings of $6.2M from an initial WAN audit, using our invoice approval tool, and IT & international management.

Questions for TEM Optimization

Sometimes, just having the right questions to ask can move you in the right direction for positive change. Let’s discover the questions that you should be asking to realize nearly instant savings through technology environment optimization. 

  1. Do you know what TEM is?

  2. Do you know how much your company spends on telecom expenses annually?

  3. How many staff members do you currently allocate to managing telecom and technology expenses?

  4. Do you know how many telecom devices per each location your company has?

  5. Has your company ever been late on a telecom bill payment?

  6. Do you know when your contract is due for renewal?

  7. Does your company currently negotiate contract renewals?

  8. What’s your total employee count?

TEM Next Steps for Your IT Department

Now that you’ve identified gaps in your technology expense management processes, what do you do from here? 

Learn more about TEM

If your company is unsure what TEM is or you don’t focus on telecom and technology expense management at all, you should learn more about what TEM entails and determine if it makes sense to create a system in house or seek a TEM provider. “What is TEM?” is a great resource to get you started!

Free Cost-Savings Analysis

Those who are lightly tracking telecom expenses in-house and having a couple employees in IT or Finance whom are using excel spreadsheets to process and track invoices, we suggest a cost-savings analysis. It’s freeand identifies areas in which you can focus to realize savings that you are otherwise missing. 

Seek a TEM Provider

Entities whom have more than one location and 1000+ employees should set up a discovery call with a TEM professional today. If you aren’t already outsourcing a TEM team, you could be missing out of major opportunity to reallocate employee efforts to less mundane tasks and the chance to save millions of dollars through contract negotiation, invoice processing, inventory management, and bill payment. Set up a discovery call here!

Making the Switch

90% of our direct clients come from our competitors. Making the switch can be easy when working with a team like Valicom. If this is you, a quick read of our ebook “Making the Switch” will put your mind at ease if you’re considering moving this direction. Let us know what you think!

Don’t forget to take our “Next Steps for TEM” Quiz! This automated quiz will point you in the direction on what our TEM experts would advise if you were to sit down with us face to face. 

If you have any questions regarding the next best steps for you, please reach out to us at info@valicomcorp.com.



Brittany grew up in Oregon, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin Business School with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Human Resources with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Brittany has been working with Valicom for many years creating content for the TEM industry to deliver the many benefits users and organizations can experience in utilizing TEM services. With a passion for social media marketing, Brittany enjoys applying creativity throughout various areas of her life while expressing creativity in everything she does and loves being consumed in projects, from start to finish.