5G and the Future: Separating Fact from Fiction

"The future is now..." "5G ultimate!" "The latest and greatest!" If you've heard any of these statements before, it was likely in a cell phone shop or advertisement. 5G has gained plenty of hype lately for its usefulness, but do the perks cut the mustard? Let's dig in a little further and find out.

What is a 5G Network?

The term “5G” means just as it sounds: it's the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology. Altogether the United States has experienced 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless networks, from analog cellphones to the smartphones we have today. These networks consist of an infrastructure of equipment and towers built and maintained by telecom companies and regulated by the FCC. Each time a new “generation” of technology upgrades the system, new coding languages are implemented. This means that existing phones on the market might not be compatible anymore when that happens. 5G is the latest current wireless technology.

Is 5G Relevant?

On the books 5G is quite impressive. With wireless connections as strong as fiber optic cables, 5G technology allows electronic devices to perform complicated tasks at much faster speeds. Downloading large swaths of content, watching entire movies without interruption, and multitasking several functions simultaneously is now made possible without the need for a cord.

This carves out a new era for the Internet of Things, making mere concepts now a reality. These kinds of connections are necessary for future technologies like automatic cars, 'smart' tables, and electronic clothing to work in our daily lives. For example, smartphones have been around since the 2000's but it wasn't until 2013 when applications like Uber and Snapchat changed our world because the 4G technology that could support them was in full swing by that time.

Does this mean, then, that we should jump on board the 5G train and expect a lifestyle from "The Jetsons" today? Not necessarily. Though 5G infrastructure was technically put in place last year, it has only been initiated in certain populous cities. Other cities and most remote areas will likely still have older 4G networks in place. Then there's the matter of hardware.

Most smartphones on the market are not compatible with a true 5G network yet, though cellphone companies are certainly trying to persuade their consumers that's the case. Some have even bragged about their phones being able to process internet speeds of 9G and even 10G. Stretching it a bit much? Yeah, we think so.

5G And Your Business

So is investing in 5G technology not necessary for your business? The short answer is yes, but it might not be this way for long. Educated experts in the technology industry state that while 5G technology may not truly be 'here' yet, we can expect it to become mainstream reality by 2022. This includes all Americans who live in the city and outside them in rural areas. In other words, wait until the time and pricing is right to begin investing in 5G phones and communication for your business. It will get there eventually - just give it time and patience.

Last Remarks

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About the Author: Brittany Peckham

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