Valicom Continues Perfect Score on Quarterly Satisfaction Survey

Valicom is excited to announce that they have received a perfect score yet again on their quarterly client satisfaction survey!

Valicom takes pride in customer support and satisfaction. We believe in our company, our services, and upholding transparency and compassion to fulfill our customer’s needs. This is the number one reason customers seek our services in transition from previous TEM engagements – they have felt neglected by previous TEM providers and seek further assistance with their TEM solutions. 

"We are thrilled that our team continues to stand behind our company's values and provide operational excellence to our clients!"

-Nancy Peckham, Founder & CEO

In order to monitor and ensure customer satisfaction, Valicom's project management team releases quarterly satisfaction surveys to clients. Over the past few years, Valicom has acquired a 3.97 our of 4.0 satisfaction score - with perfect 4.0 scores two quarters in a row!

"The BEST team-on-field! With you in place, we continue to serve each other, our clients and our partners like no other! Innovation continues to be our foundation to keep us efficient, in tuned with our clients and partners in ensuring our growth and success." 

-Jeff Poirior, President & COO


Thank you everyone for such great attention and service to our clients and partners!