Monitoring Employee Mobile Costs with TEM Software

What exactly is TEM software?

Telecom expense management (TEM) software allows companies to have an in-depth view of their employees' wireless voice, data, and mobile usage. Employees who are responsible for handling communications, including the developing a communications budget, will greatly benefit from the implementation of TEM software.

What are the top three benefits to be gained from TEM software?

  1. Identify overspending patterns

  2. Reduce the waste of wireless services

  3. Create policies that initiate both short- and long-term savings

How can TEM software help monitor employee mobile costs?

The corporate world is becoming more familiar with the bring your own device (BYOD) revolution. And even though allowing employees to bring their own devices most certainly improves employee satisfaction and leads to higher productivity levels, there are a few drawbacks, with the most prominent one being escalating wireless expenses.

Did you know when employees don't stay in compliance with a BYOD policy, it can cost an organization thousands of dollars every year? Fortunately, with the implementation and correct usage of TEM software, wireless expenses can be decreased by as much as 25 percent. For now, let's take a look at the ways in which TEM software can help you better monitor your employees' mobile costs.

1) Better monitoring of employees' wireless usage

When taking advantage of TEM software, you can keep a bird's eye view on each employee's use of wireless services. As you likely already know, a BYOD policy prohibits employees from abusing the wireless networks and services you provide to them, regardless of whether or not they are using a device of their own or one you have provided. With TEM software, you can use analytics to discover if any abuse is taking place, and if it is, you can pinpoint the exact employee(s) who is responsible.

Take for example you discover a specific employee's wireless data usage is far greater than any of your other workers. With TEM software, you can identify why so much data is being used, such as for streaming movies through the mobile device at home for personal use. When you can lower data usage, you can lower your monthly wireless expenses by not exceeding any caps or limits you may have on your account; TEM software helps you better monitor your employees' usage of wireless services.

2) Decrease abuse of wireless services

There are many TEM software systems that come with advanced analytics, allowing you to spot trends and patterns among employee use of wireless services, including project-specific usage. When you are able to identify project-specific wireless usage, you can then better allocate wireless resources for future projects. This in itself can save you thousands of dollars each year. It can also help you gain an accurate idea of whether or not you are paying too much for the projects you are outsourcing.

If your in-house team is completing a project for far less than an external team with the projects being very similar in nature, then TEM software can help you identify if you are being overcharged for wireless services by the external team -- you will have an accurate view of a round-about amount you should be paying for outsourcing the project.

3) Reduce carrier billing errors

It may sound astonishing, but many companies find themselves paying upward of 45 percent more than they have to on their wireless expenses all because of carrier billing errors. Sure, some carrier bills are hard to understand, throwing hidden costs right in your face. And when you throw multiple devices into the mix, it can become quite impossible to track and manage their usage and whether or not they are exceeding data limits and caps.

TEM software simplifies device usage management. You will have insightful views of each device's wireless usage, including device-specific billing errors. When you can call the service carrier and let them know which devices have billing errors, this immensely speeds up the correction process, saving you both time and money.

Should companies build their own software or outsource TEM?

If preferred, you can build your own TEM software by using internal resources; however, this can be extremely complicated and very costly. Most companies prefer to outsource their TEM activities to a service provider that already has the software. Outsourcing your TEM solution tends to be the most cost-effective and efficient way to start saving money on your wireless expenses. As you use TEM software, you will begin seeing the areas in which you are wasting both money and resources, such as on late payment fees, carrier billing errors, unauthorized use of data, etc. TEM software can help you recover the funds you are wasting.

Another reason you will want to take advantage of outsourcing your TEM solution is that it enables you to streamline your operations. Think about it. When your workers don't have to focus their attention on time-consuming activities related to wireless monitoring, this allows them to better focus on core operational processes, such as product development, project implementation, and customer satisfaction. By outsourcing your TEM solution, you decrease the demand for internal resources, improve productivity, and allow all processes to be efficaciously streamlined.

The Takeaway

TEM software is the go-to solution for reducing employee mobile expenses. With the right software, you can better manage your employees' device usage and reduce money being wasted billing errors.

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