New Telecom Savings Opportunity You Can’t Afford to Miss

We are thrilled to announce that we are now disrupting the decades-old telecom expense management (TEM) industry by offering this innovative Savings Share opportunity. The new TEM savings share opportunity works to take the commitment and concern out of the TEM savings process.

The only criteria considerations?

  • The client must have at least $1 Million in annual telecom spend.

  • The client must also have no previous audit within twelve months leading up to the relationship.

No money up front.

No cost commitments.

No concerns.

Just discovered savings and unlimited access to Clearview web-based TEM tool, Clearview.

As a client during your preliminary telecom audit, you will have all-hands-on-deck from a dedicated team at Valicom. The team of TEM experts will build your complete telecom inventory into Clearview as the foundation in savings discovery.

This three to six-month audit process will offer full visibility into telecom environments and pull savings from 5 – 30% of total telecom spend. From the total savings, you will receive 60% of the savings back into your budget and the remaining 40% will cover Valicom’s services.

It’s as easy as that!

Additionally, if clients of the Savings Share wish to continue with on-going audits, clients will receive extra TEM benefits, such as bill payment services and monthly TEM checkpoints with key analysts - all in as little as ten-months after the savings share deploys!

Contact to schedule a risk-free discovery call.