The War on Talent in IT

Per the BLS, in the decade between years 2014 through 2024, the employment of computer and information technology occupations will grow 12% - from 3.9M to 4.4M jobs. Recruiting and hiring the right talent continues to be a challenging and daunting task.

According to an article written by Talent Management and HR Technology Brand Strategist, Meghan Biro, hiring IT personnel is a gamble.

“Hiring is a gamble. The cost of a bad hire is high — tens of thousands of dollars down the drain, from onboarding and training, not to mention re-recruiting, re-onboarding, etc. And the job market for tech talent is tighter than ever: if tech pros aren’t a needle in a haystack, they’re a very popular — and poachable — haystack.”

In Biro’s article published on Forbes titled 4 Tips for Finding and Retaining Tech Talent, there are four suggestions to stay ahead of the recruiting curve:

  1. Hiring an Expert Recruiter, “A survey last year found that 67% of CIOs were well aware they were facing increasing challenges to find qualified IT talent. One solution: team up with a tech pro on recruiting — they have the skillset and knowledge base to accurately assess the tech skills of potential candidates, and help your company make smart hiring decisions.”
  2. Work on Your Environment, “Millennials tend to prefer innovative workplaces and benefits they can actually use. They like flexible schedules, work-from-home options, and an employer culture that respects the fact that its employees have lives (and families). Rather than scrambling to layer a perks package like a veneer of sugar coating around a fat salary that still can’t match the offers of Silicon Valley giants (for instance), consider more enticing, millennial-relevant benefits. Align your employer brand and recruiting platforms to better speak to the most innovative workplace values.”
  3. Push for Diversity, “Given the proven advantage diverse perspectives have in the workplace, and the fact that without a broader (and more secure) talent pipeline, the supply of tech talent is going to shrink even more. It’s a no-brainer to be recruiting with diversity in mind.”
  4. Promote Engagement, “The number of employers in IT planning to hire is above the national average, at 44 percent, and a recent study found that tech companies in the Fortune 500 have the highest turnover of any industry (including poaching). One way to keep your talent: keep the grass green.”

As technology becomes excruciatingly essential to getting work done, there will be no getting around the need for top IT talent, whether they are developers, network administrators or device experts. Given the strong job market for those with IT skills, the best candidates may not actively seek new employment opportunities, so the smartest companies will seek to integrate these successful techniques into their recruiting strategy.

In a similar article, filled with suggestions for recruiting the right IT talent, suggests the following in How to Win the War for IT Talent, to secure top talent:

  1. Focus on Skills. “Finding IT talent with the right skills and the experience is one of the major problems IT companies face, not because there's a deficit of skilled programmers, but because companies are using archaic methods to source and screen talent. The traditional ways companies are looking for talent aren't good at finding who's going to be a good fit. Resumes, cover letters, even interviews are bad for the company and they're bad for developers because they aren't focusing on what skills someone has.”
  2. Search Globally, Promote Internally, Leverage Mobility. “One of the biggest motivations for IT talent is being able to work on interesting projects that impact a lot of people's lives -- we try to constantly reinvent ourselves as a company so our talent is always working on interesting projects and they're making an impact on the people who use the products. Then, we offer leadership training and professional development so they're constantly engaged in growing themselves internally; we make it a point to fill at least one-third of our open roles from internal candidates,” explained William Taylor, Adobe’s Global Head of Mobility.
  3. Be What Your Talent Wants. “The allure of companies that haven't yet 'made it' is strong, and it's a good thing to remember. For most IT people, it's not just a job. They want to have an impact on the world, to work on interesting problems from the ground up and help in driving a company's success. Sometimes, larger companies can seem too monolithic”


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About the Author: Chantel Soumis

Chantel Soumis brings over a decade of knowledge in workflow enhancement through the use of technology. Chantel studied marketing communications and business administration at Franklin University and proceeded to work in a fast, ambitious environment, assuring client delight in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Passionate about project productivity and streamlining workflows through the use of technology, Chantel strives to inform organizations of Valicom’s advanced telecom expense management software and services by mastering communications and messaging while delivering helpful information and supporting resources.