IT Expense Management for Food and Beverage

TEM has been reaching new heights within the last few years, leveraging exposure to industries that were once unfamiliar to what telecom expense management is. Food and beverage companies are one of these industries. IT expense management for food and beverage companies is becoming a critical piece of the IT puzzle when the objective is to get the highest return on investment. Most companies are spending 15-40% more on telecom expenses than they need to be.

Companies like Valicom consider themselves to be a boutique telecom and technology expense management firm. This means companies can pick and choose the services they feel would be best for the company’s needs, based off of a telecom environment analysis. With a TEM software like Clearview, it lays out exactly what you need to know about your telecom expenses in an easy to understand way. Along with TEM software, many times called SAAS (software as a service), telecom experts will work with you every step of the way to assure you the transparency you need.

It’s an ala carte menu!

Wireline Telephone Cursory & Comprehensive Invoice Auditing

Sometimes there are hidden errors in invoices that is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Software, like Clearview, can identify these errors with no work on your end.


TEM providers have information about what other companies are paying their telecom provider. This is a great asset during contract negotiation.

Inventory Management

The bigger the company, the more complex your telecom environment becomes. This includes the amount of inventory on hand. TEM can help identify where you could make changes to reduce costs on devices.

Wireless Carrier RFP Management

RFP’s (request for proposal) are part of your contract negotiation. A TEM provider can create this RFP for you to make sure you’ll get the best deal from it.

This list is only a selection of choices that can be added for companies to utilize in saving money on their telecom costs. TEM clients can choose all options or only a few, it all depends on the unique situation. IT expense management for food and beverage is becoming more and more popular, as companies are realizing how easy it is to save money through Telecom Expense Management.


About the Author: Brittany Peckham

Brittany grew up in Oregon, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin Business School with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Human Resources with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Brittany has been working with Valicom for many years creating content for the TEM industry to deliver the many benefits users and organizations can experience in utilizing TEM services. With a passion for social media marketing, Brittany enjoys applying creativity throughout various areas of her life while expressing creativity in everything she does and loves being consumed in projects, from start to finish.