Evaluating a TEM Partnership: Why Should You Pursue a TEM Partnership?

First, we would like to congratulate you for looking into options to further your firm’s success. Whether you are new to telecom and technology expense management (TEM) or you are seeking a change, there are many factors you are probably evaluating. Join us while we evaluate some common hesitations to making the move and evaluating a TEM provider.



Why Your Firm Needs TEM

Telecom is always changing and seldom static – this is why one-time audits are just a temporary cure to the headache of an unmanaged environment. Technology is also rapidly changing (cloud, IoT, “pay as you go” service models, etc.) and you must adapt to these changes to accurately manage your environment. Whether your client’s environment is wireless only, wireline only, WAN or an assortment of all assets, the following are universal headaches:

  • Up to 35% of all invoices have errors and most organizations are paying late fees unknowingly
  • Most organizations are lacking in one or more of these three areas:
    • Time
    • Telecom Expertise
    •  Telecom Resources
  • Anywhere from 15 – 40% of an organization’s telecom budget is wasted if trained resources aren’t carefully examining bills or optimizing services, plans, and contracts

Telecom and technology expense management will help you free up working capital, to put it towards growing your business.



Are you currently leveraging TEM services using Microsoft Excel?

Excel is an excellent tool for manual data manipulation – but it is much more cumbersome when it comes to managing workflow processes and getting full visibility into the data. We often hear that IT Consultants leverage Excel spreadsheets to track IT spending, invoices and more… However, it has many limitations.

Would you be willing to have a brief conversation to explore how you’re using Excel and if you're realizing the full value of what our TEM software could provide?


Do you have other priorities?

We would be surprised to learn that TEM is an immediate priority. One hesitation we hear is that partners have other business initiatives in place to focus on with little time to allocate towards a new project such as TEM. With a customer-first vendor like Valicom, most of the heavy lifting is taken off your firm’s shoulders for deployment. Even sales and marketing tools can be designed to your brand in order for you to take off running with the sale of your new TEM service.

Would you be willing to have a high-level discussion about your other priorities and explore if there may be a fit for a TEM solution down the line of your current business? Let’s jump on a call to evaluate your upcoming plans and associated timeframes to see what we can do to support your growth.


Do you use an “in-house” solution for TEM services?

Do you have a feel for how many internal resources are being dedicated to your in-house TEM solution? Would you be willing to explore the ROI of a partnered solution and compare it to yours? This way, you can either,

A. be rest assured you have a great solution in place or

B. determine if making a change makes sense.

According to TEMIA, the initial savings a business make after investing in Telecom Expense Management software (TEM) can be as high as 15%. This doesn’t even factor in the cost avoidance against future spend, which can drive this number up to 30%. From identifying billing errors to streamlining negotiations with service providers, TEM software is the ideal solution for any business looking to make their telecom environment more efficient and reduce costs in the process.

IT Personnel: When your IT operations aren’t running efficiently, the expertise of skilled IT professionals is wasted doing mundane tasks. By automating time-consuming processes using TEM software, you’re freeing up their time to focus on work that drives your business.

Overall Business Efficiency: When businesses streamline workflows and offload monotonous processes, everything runs more efficiently. And saving time saves money. By using TEM software like Clearview, businesses can boost overall transparency and reduce errors. This also includes making sure that employees are equipped with the technology they need to be as productive as possible.

Reduced Waste: It’s not uncommon for businesses to pay for services they don’t actually use. With the right TEM software in place, an enterprise can easily identify and cancel these redundancies. Our platform identifies billing errors and makes contract negotiations simpler as businesses can find the perfect contract offerings to meet their unique needs.

If you have determined that you are ready to partner with a TEM vendor, we would like to introduce you to Valicom’s solutions…



Valicom offers an assortment of partnership options to better serve you and your clients. Chose which of the following referral and strategic partnership opportunities fit your needs best:

Referral Program

This opportunity is for consultants that are simply looking for referral income by passing along interested leads every now and then. Pass interested clients through to your Valicom team and earn healthy recurring commissions on a per-client basis.

Strategic Partner

Valicom’s strategic partnership option is for consultants that are seeking more active TEM support and expertise, not offered at other TEM organizations. Even if you are new to TEM but would like to take an active approach, this option is for you. Strategic partnerships include three variations:

White Label: Let Valicom brand Clearview with your logo and name to make our tool yours. Valicom will brand software demonstrations, sales sheets, and marketing tools with your new, white-labeled software logo and design.

“Back-Office”: Make our team yours by tapping into Valicom’s team for managed services that enhance and expand your current TEM offering. This makes you a stickier, more valuable, and a more comprehensive expert in the eyes of your clients.

Full Outsource: Connect your clients with our full suite of telecom expense management (TEM) services and push off the heavy lifting tasks like invoice auditing and the loading of invoice data to our team.


About Valicom’s Partnership Heritage

Valicom has been leading the telecom and technology expense management (TEM) industry since 1991 as a boutique TEM firm offering web-based software and a suite of services. Valicom takes TEM very seriously and is committed to being a strong partner for consultants.

The Elite Partner Program has been carefully crafted to help you seamlessly add TEM solutions and expertise to your portfolio of services. Valicom respects your expertise and influence in the industry and strives to be a reliable, responsive resource for you in your work.