3 Benefits of Mobile Expense Management

As business continues to require more and more mobile devices, it is more critical than ever to manage these devices and expenses. Not only does mobile expense management keep an eye on your IT assets, but it also can reveal some extreme savings built up through hidden fees, overused data and underused (or never used) devices. Here are the three main benefits of mobile expense management:

Inventory Control

The backbone of any telecom and technology expense management software is the inventory of the tools you use. This can include all telecom tools and technology pieces which is particularly important for wireless devices. Monitoring hundreds and even thousands of mobile devices can become impossible through invoices and the packets of paper mailed to you each month from you carrier. With wireless expense management, you can leverage a SaaS TEM tool like Clearview to track all devices you pay for in order to get a better hold onto your wireless inventory.

Another feature of a TEM software for wireless, mobile or BYOB (bring your own device) management is the reporting capabilities. Some useful custom TEM reports in Clearview include:

Inventory Reports: with user information, charge cost center percentage, charges with contract MRC, charges with type / cc / location, with accounts, with locations, with contacts, MACD, recently paid inventory

Wireless Auditing: mobile usage automated email, top 10 data users, top 10 text users, top 10 voice users, top 20 overall users, wireless audit, wireless inventory invoice detail, zero use


IT Asset Management

Following the ability to track all IT assets in your telecom and technology inventory, IT asset management allows you to gain transparency into your IT environment to:

  • Manage and track mobile/wireless and digital assets
  • Monitor recurring payments to control costs and keep an eye on hidden fees
  • Manage capacity, availability, and automate chargebacks across your organization

Unorganized mobile management leads to overspending, missed opportunities to cut costs, and an overall lack of insight into where costs are allocated throughout the business. Tracking IT assets in spreadsheets wastes time, risks charges/fees and consumes too many unnecessary resources. With a TEM software, you can streamline processes and save on late fees, unused devices, and over-usage charges.


Expense Control

In an article titled Whether BYOD or BYOT, There May Be Hidden Costs to Those Policies, it is noted that CIO Magazine reported a company with 1,000 mobile devices spending an extra $170,000 per year because of BYOD policies.

“Employee personal mobile devices go beyond the smartphones they use. Personal mobile devices include tablets, smart watches and laptops — anything that an employee can personally bring to and from the office. Accordingly, the acronym BYOD, which stands for Bring Your Own Device, has morphed into BYOT: Bring Your Own Technology.

Back in 2012, CIO Magazine reported that a company with 1,000 mobile devices ended up spending an extra $170,000 per year because of BYOD policies. Cisco, who had happily and loudly saved between 17 percent and 22 percent after deploying a BYOD program, turned out to be the exception.”

These hidden fees go unnoticed because it likely isn’t something you have the time or resources to look for in each month’s invoices. Mobile expense control is critical to saving these important IT budget dollars in order to allocate elsewhere.



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About the Author: Chantel Soumis

Chantel Soumis brings over a decade of knowledge in workflow enhancement through the use of technology. Chantel studied marketing communications and business administration at Franklin University and proceeded to work in a fast, ambitious environment, assuring client delight in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Passionate about project productivity and streamlining workflows through the use of technology, Chantel strives to inform organizations of Valicom’s advanced telecom expense management software and services by mastering communications and messaging while delivering helpful information and supporting resources.