The Big Trends Driving Change in Retail Operations

In a world where the customer has a shortened attention span and desire for on-demand products and services, the retail landscape continues to shift further into the tech-assisted operational universe. According to an article written by Mousa Ackall on at Work Market titled 5 Trends Driving Enterprise Retail, “the entire retail landscape has shape-shifted into an integrated, ever-connected universe in order to provide a seamless customer experience.” With slimmer margins and fiercer competition, efficiency is critical to the customer experience.

One of the biggest trends to continue throughout the next few years is the use of technology outsourcing which is booming to promote efficiency with the customer’s experience.

“Jeff Seabloom, managing director at Dallas-based global advisory firm Alsbridge Inc, said trends in technology outsourcing, in particular, are having a major impact on retail in 2016 — the strategic hosting and management of technology solutions and services by a third-party is a popular way for retailers to boost their tech capabilities and lower their IT-related capital expenditure.”

Per Aberdeen research, the shopper’s omni-channel pressure and expectation of a personalized and seamless experience has forced the retail landscape to change.

“Experts emphasize that the enterprise retailers that thrive in 2016 and beyond will succeed with lean operating models — that is, variable cost models, adopting newer and better supply chain processes, boosting innovation and efficiency, and taking advantage of a flexible workforce that can scale alongside the ebbs and flows of your business.”

How do these trends fit into telecom and technology expense management? While maximizing the use of technology tools, systems and platforms can help automate processes and further engage your customers, there is ever more inventory to manage and IT bills to pay.

All your locations’ WAN, Wireless and Wireline products, along with various IT subscriptions can be easily managed in Valicom’s cloud software, Clearview. Using Valicom’s professional services or as a standalone product, importing all inventory across all locations will enhance visibility into your IT environment and allow you to find holes in your landscape, wasted lines or over-expenditures in subscriptions.

Valicom’s Bill Pay Service will take the burden off your IT or Ops managers, by paying all invoices for you on time saving you money on late fees and missed invoice discrepancies that our experienced staff find all too often. For more information on expense management in retail, request a risk-free consultation with one of our specialists.

About the Author: Chantel Soumis

Chantel Soumis brings over a decade of knowledge in workflow enhancement through the use of technology. Chantel studied marketing communications and business administration at Franklin University and proceeded to work in a fast, ambitious environment, assuring client delight in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Passionate about project productivity and streamlining workflows through the use of technology, Chantel strives to inform organizations of Valicom’s advanced telecom expense management software and services by mastering communications and messaging while delivering helpful information and supporting resources.