Why TEM is Important in the Manufacturing Industry

Due to the increasing complexity of manufacturing environments, efficient communication has become a critical piece to success. From improving the efficiency of supply chain operations to perfecting the customer experience, telecom and technology tools are one of the most optimize aspects of the business.

It is said that “the extent of a manufacturer’s competitive advantage is determined by the efficiency with which it collaborates”.  This growing complexity is aligned with the prediction that manufacturers will look to providers with the technology and experience necessary to provide the desired solutions to increase visibility, save on underutilized services and reduce risk.

Managing mobile phones and service plans requires time and attention to detail and utilizing a telecom expense management software or fully outsourced service helps to manage your mobile device and wireline spend, reporting, security and support.

Using a cloud-based TEM software allows the numerous locations to access as needed and compiles all data in one central location. The big benefit of deploying a cloud-based TEM software is the user-friendly design and support which makes it easy for non-technical people to use and integrates with any AP system.

    TEM Goals

    1. Decrease costs for each plant (therefore the entire company)
    2. Offload as much telecom involvement as possible
    3. Create a streamlined and organized telecom infrastructure business model

    TEM Results

    • Decreased telecom costs
    • Total inventory visibility and control
    • Standardized invoice audits and on-time payments
    • Assist and consult carriers
    •  Negotiate contracts for maximum savings

    Instinctive workflows put the invoice approval process at ease with a simple click of the mouse in Clearview’s Invoice Approval Tool. Your accounts payable team will also reap the benefits of a TEM solution through the telecom process transformation.

    To learn more about what telecom expense management can offer your organization, request a risk-free consultation.