Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Reach a Perfect Score!

It has been 17 years since Valicom’s first client satisfaction survey was distributed, and since then Valicom has pulled the constructive pieces of feedback and applied the comments and recommendations into Valicom’s products and services. Listening to customer feedback has always been a large part of the success of the company and for the first time in 17 years, Valicom is ecstatic to announce a perfect score of 4.0!

Valicom’s cumulative score for the past year is 3.925 – demonstrating exceptional customer service, product capabilities and active communication. The quarterly client satisfaction survey has been designed to gain insight into how satisfied customers are in eight key areas:

  • Professionalism
  • Overall Expectation
  • Communication
  • Quality and Accuracy
  • Understanding Client Needs
  • Responsiveness
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Overall Value

Valicom is thrilled to have had the opportunity to grow with its long-standing customers and looks forward to obtaining more perfect scores in the future.

Clearview is a great use of a mature process to review the carrier billing versus contracted rates. It also provides updates on contracts that are coming due with adequate time for the carriers to react to avoid going into month-to-month situations.

"The savings were in line with what we expected would be found. Overall the savings exceed the cost of using Valicom."

"Very actively engaged account support with constant communication via scheduled weekly calls, ad hoc calls as needed, and follow-up emails."

"Valicom is very good at understanding our needs."

"Valicom continues to provide value because this allows my team to focus on the end user instead of dealing with carrier issues."

"Overall the level of service has gone up considerably. Valicom has done a wonderful job of handling our requests and responding in a timely manner. Great job."