Telecom Case Study: Energy Management

Customized Telecom Solutions

We work with many different types and sizes of organizations. From hospitality, to retail, and healthcare… each client approaches us with their own individual story and telecom needs. It’s this need for tailored services that makes Valicom’s deployment so unique. Our a la carte model allow an organization to pick and choose what (and only) what they need.

We work closely with our client’s internal telecom teams, to understand their individuals needs and provide the tools and resources that they need to accurately manage their telecom costs. In the end, they see great savings and more efficient processes.

Our latest story is all about one of our energy management clients. Take a look!

Industry: Energy Management
Annual Wireless Spend: +$6 Million
Services Provided:

  • Wireless & Wireline Audit
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Invoice Processing
  • Wireless Optimization
  • Clearview TEM software

Savings: $500K