Best Practices for Employee Wireless Reimbursement

Wireless Enablement & Payment Definitions

Split Billing. Separating a wireless invoice based on what portion of the usage was used for work, and what portion was used by the employee for personal usage.


Bring Your Own Devices. Employees are reimbursed or receive a stipend for using their own devices for work.


Corporate owned, personally-enabled devices. A business model in which an organization provides a devices for employees

It’s quite the alphabet soup. This is where wireless device reimbursement and wireless policies can get tricky, complicated and time consuming. Do you have the resources to comb through each wireless device invoice for how many phone calls were personal, and how many were for work? How much data was consumed checking email, and how much was used to watch Netflix?

The answer is most likely a big fat, no.

That said. There are tools and resources available that will do these tasks automatically. Take Good Technology’s Enterprise Suite for example. You as the administer set up rules and parameters to what is considered a work call, text or email – and the tool separates and splits the billing responsibility accordingly. Another organization offering automated split billing and tracking? Mobile Iron.

Some carriers are also ahead of the curve. See AT&T’s Work Platform, intended to separate work and personal data billing on BYOD devices. The tool provides an app that allows employees to use their personal devices for work purposes, and only be reimbursed for their work usage. This eliminates the need for the employer to take on the total cost of the plan, and only pay for what is being used for work.

Split billing has received a lot of attention over the last year. Check out the California Court of Appeals case that ruled in favor of employees being compensated for using personal devices for work.

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