Paper to Paperless

Have you noticed the change from paper to paperless in the last decade? Our society is becoming paperless, and there’s a reason for that. Technology is allowing us to organize and store documents, and other tangibles, electronically. With so many people switching to online databases, you will be behind if you are not implementing this technology. If you are storing documents in file cabinets, or worse in piles on your desk, you are wasting time and money. The first step to ridding your life of unorganized telecommunication invoices is educating yourself with the options to electronically organize your telecom environment.

There are many reasons companies are switching from managing their telecom expenses in-house to a telecom expense management (TEM) company.

Telecom Environment

Each company has their own unique product, service, methods, and strategies. Just like your company, your telecom environment is different than any other company out there. Understanding the needs of your telecom environment is the first step to reducing telecom expenses. A telecom expense management team will analyze your overall environment and inform you of the best next steps to take. This includes converting all paper documents into an online software.


Having the proper securities in place will help you reduce the chances of confidential information walking out the door. Have you heard of BYOD? COPE? These are two ways you can control what your employees are bringing in and out of the office. BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. For this method, the company does not have to pay for devices but they have less control of what is on those devices. COPE stands for Corporate Owned Personally Enabled. With this method, you have more control but it is costly. Electronically, you can monitor devices and keep your valuable information in check.

Inventory management

Another, of many, benefits found when partnering with a TEM provider is inventory management. Many employees use more than one devices at work. As a company grows more and more devices are used. The more devices being used, the more complicated it is to keep track of costs of the devices. Some devices may not be being used but are still being paid for. These types of scenarios are ones we want to avoid by having an online database of all inventory.

Processing paper can be costly and overall time-consuming. It can be a daunting project to convert everything from paper to paperless, but with a telecom expense management team the work is no longer on your plate. They will walk you step by step, and let you know what is happening, as well as how it is benefiting your company specifically. Reach out to a TEM provider today to find out what you can save by switching from paper to paperless!

About the Author: Brittany Peckham