3 Opportunities for TEM Improvement

Unlock savings by taking advantage of the opportunities that the world of TEM has to offer. There are many advances you can make that will save you time and money. Telecom expense management will benefit you financially, technologically, and operationally. These are opportunities you aren’t going to want to pass up!


The easiest way to save money on telecom expenses is through contract negotiation. The advantages of outsourcing your RFP and contract negotiation is:

  • Having a trust worthy team to bounce ideas off of
  • Having an entire team of expertise to negotiate and find the best deals for you
  • Having access to bench marked industry data


Are you still using excel to keep track of invoices and telecom expenses? With SaaS software you can track telecom expenses in an efficient and secure way. There’s no IT hassle. You just log into your account and go. With a TEM software you can track inventory, invoices, contracts and procurement for voice, wireless and data.


Do you know the current steps you are taking to manage your telecom expenses? You’d be surprised to see how much of a difference small changes to your operational process can affect your telecom spend. One solution found by companies that works toward operational improvement is cost allocation.

Cost allocation is one of the services we mentioned above. This is a service that is very important for the organizational process of telecom expense management. Splitting telecom and technology costs so they can be assigned to the responsible party, department, location, and employee. Cost allocation is one of the most important steps towards transparency in a telecom environment.

There’s always room for improvement. Knowing what opportunities you have available to you is the first step. Now it’s time for you take action. Outsourcing telecom expense management can help you identify significant savings on your telecom expenses, eliminate fraud and unauthorized charges, and identify errors, recovering funds through close inspection or an audit of your wireline and wireless services.

About the Author: Brittany Peckham