Why are my Telecom Expenses Increasing?

It seems that telecom expenses should be declining because of lower rates and proper negotiation but they are still growing! This can be frustrating but understanding the reason behind this increase can put our minds at ease.

Higher Usage

As technology advances, the amount of devices being used and data being eaten up is increasing. “Over the past ten years, the average web page has grown by 7000%.” This means that the quality of web pages are of higher quality than they used to be and this is causing data usage to skyrocket.

Increase in mobility

Within the last 10 years, mobility has become a very popular way of communication. A majority of United States citizens own a smartphone. These smart phones can range from around $100 to $800. According to ComScore, smartphones use 24 times as much spectrum capacity compared to a non-smartphones. Streaming videos have become a well-liked activity among employees and increases broadband traffic. According to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson states that mobile broadband traffic has increased by 8,000% over the past four years.

The Cloud is Taking Over

The cloud is now the “in” way of accessing computing applications. The cloud allows users to have one common area to reach their data and they no longer have to worry about losing it if their phone or table is lost or stolen. Because of this, fixed and mobile networks are causing higher data consumption on mobile and fixed networks.

How can outsourcing TEM help you lower telecom expenses?

When you become a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) client you will gain visibility on what devices employees are using, how much data they are using, and how it is affecting your overall telecom spend. A TEM partner will provide you with reports. This way you can see how your new TEM solution is saving you money. On top of reporting, TEM partners will audit, and organize your inventory. Bill pay is a great option as well. Take the weight off your shoulders and allow the experts to show you how much you could be saving by outsourcing TEM.

TEM programs can help you solve the mystery of rising telecom expenses. What you can expect to find when you sign up with a TEM provider is that employees are consuming a high amount of voice, data, and bandwidth. If your TEM environment is not properly being managed, this could be costing you a lot of unwanted time and money.