The Costs of Doing Nothing

Every business has mobile devices they need to manage and keep track of. Whether it’s one device or 100,000 devices. The chore that goes along with paying for these devices is a hassle to those who take care of this job in-house. When companies spend time trying to manage telecom invoices on their own, they are devoting time that could otherwise be spent on more important things. Understanding how internal telecom expense management can set you up for failure, the sooner you can start finding a better solution for managing these expenses.

It’s easy to think that if invoices are being paid for on time the company is doing well and not losing money. Wrong! Making sure invoices are paid for is the bare minimum you could be doing and most times accumulates invisible costs that could be avoided. Costs that companies who do not outsource telecom expense management (TEM) are experiencing is lack of accuracy in how much inventory they have, lack of organization, and faulty charges in invoices.

Some companies try to do more than the bare minimum, putting more time and effort into managing their telecom expenses. This is costly as well. For companies who do attempt to manage their telecom expenses in-house, they often lay the responsibility on the IT department. IT departments are not expected to manage telecom expenses as a core responsibility. More so, telecom expense management is a task that is dumped on their laps because it needs to be done. With this comes fear of lack of expertise, as well as, time and money being jeopardized.

Those who choose to implement TEM, generally see an immediate return on investment. When you team up with telecom analysts you can be assured a quick and easy setup that is catered to your needs. Your inventory will be organized in a software, allowing you to know how many devices are being managed, who is using those devices, and what costs are being accumulated by those devices. Save time and money by taking a step toward TEM.

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About the Author: Jeff Poirior

Jeff brings 25 years of telecommunications and information technology management experience in voice and data networking, server support, and telephony and security; with a significant emphasis on customer service. Prior to joining Valicom, he was chief of the infrastructure support section for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Jeff was the vice president of operations for CC&N, overseeing telecommunications, help desk, data and desk side support services. Prior to that, he served as the associate director of technical resources for Covance, responsible for managing systems and network operations supporting 1700 users in Wisconsin and Virginia. He has also led data center operations at Magnetek Electric, supporting mainframe systems, client/server applications, telephony systems, and computer-aided design. Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cardinal Stritch University and a master’s degree in business administration from University of Phoenix. In addition, Jeff is a past board member of the Wisconsin Telecommunication Association.