TECH TALK: What is the Hybrid Cloud?

BUZZ! At the beginning of the month we launched a new series focusing on simplifying and defining industry buzz words. We’ll be defining the words you may have heard over the last few months on the news, in an industry blog, over beers at the networking event… but maybe you weren’t quite sure what it meant. And while that Google search may have given you the quick definition, it probably wasn’t quite enough. We’ll be diving deep into each term, and sharing the implications it has or will have on the telecom and technology expense industry.

Today’s Buzz Word is Hybrid Cloud.

What is Hybrid Cloud? The hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment which uses a combination of on-premises, private cloud with third-party, public cloud service. There is cooperation and handshakes between the two platforms.

Why choose Hybrid Cloud? Because it’s a safe and affordable middle ground. Organizations are seeking to strike a balance between having services available on-site and offloading other assets to cloud-based services. The Hybrid Cloud is the best of both worlds.

The servers operate independently of each other, with encrypted communication between the two when necessary. Here are a few public cloud providers you’ll recognize: Amazon, Google Cloud, and Joynet. The biggest benefit of the cloud is it’s flexibility. Turn on and off servers only when your business needs them. When your busy season arrives (maybe it’s Christmas time, or tax season), ramp up your public cloud provider quickly, without taking on the costs of adding on premise resources.

Where does TEM fit in? As with shadow IT, the biggest benefit of TEM for the hybrid cloud is transparency and cost control. With managed TEM services, your environment is more accessible and manageable. You’ll better understand what is being spent, where and how. Our team can also help with going to RFP and contract negotiation with these cloud providers for better rates and more flexible contracts.

Do you have a hybrid cloud environment? Lean on Valicom to help you manage and track these expenses. Contact our team today to learn how you can more accurately manage these assets.

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About the Author: Jeff Poirior

Jeff brings 25 years of telecommunications and information technology management experience in voice and data networking, server support, and telephony and security; with a significant emphasis on customer service. Prior to joining Valicom, he was chief of the infrastructure support section for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Jeff was the vice president of operations for CC&N, overseeing telecommunications, help desk, data and desk side support services. Prior to that, he served as the associate director of technical resources for Covance, responsible for managing systems and network operations supporting 1700 users in Wisconsin and Virginia. He has also led data center operations at Magnetek Electric, supporting mainframe systems, client/server applications, telephony systems, and computer-aided design. Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cardinal Stritch University and a master’s degree in business administration from University of Phoenix. In addition, Jeff is a past board member of the Wisconsin Telecommunication Association.