Cost Allocation: Splitting Costs for Transparency

Telecom Cost Allocation – GL Code Allocation – Chargebacks

Whatever you call it… it means essentially the same thing. Splitting telecom and technology costs so they can be assigned to the responsible party, department, location, employee. Cost allocation is one of the most important steps towards transparency in a telecom environment. It provides you with the visibility of what is being spent, where and how.

How do we do it? At implementation our team gets to know your business environment in great detail. This will help us get a picture of the different departments, locations, and employee groups – and then how these items impact telecom billing. Our team sets up rules and cost codes for how these invoices should be split each month. We can get incredibly granular when it comes to splitting these bills. An individual invoice can be split or allocated down to 1% of the entire invoice.

Each month when the invoice arrives, either in the mail or is published on the carriers, the costs are entered into Clearview and then split into the necessary and pre-determined GL codes. Once the invoice data is entered, it can be set to interface with your internal AP system so that the charges flow to the codes that are already setup. And your AP team takes it from there!

Cost allocation allows your organization to better understand where specific charges are originating. The department managers are satisfied knowing that their budgets are being billed correctly and transparently for what their team is using. The Finance and Accounts Payable department has advanced, reportable, and automated visibility into the total spend.  It’s a win-win for everyone.