Why Telecom Contract Negotiation Matters

Telecom contracts are long and boring. They outline the terms and conditions of the agreement, the prices that are to be paid for each type of service and device. And then there’s the pages upon pages of legal-ease, line after line of language that is difficult to translate or even understand. Do telecom contracts have you stumped? Have you ever combed through the minutia? When it comes time to renew and resign, reviewing your existing contracts could very well be worth your time and energy. Why? Negotiation!

We certainly didn’t coin the phrase, but it does apply here… ‘speak softly and carry a big stick’. Your organization has way more power over the terms and conditions of your telecom contracts than you think. And guess what? Everything IS negotiable. Armed with the right industry information and the right language, you have just enough leverage to get highly competitive telecom rates.

Valicom’s web-based TEM tool, Clearview, offers a simple mechanic that will alert you 30, 60, or 90 days before a contract expires. The advance alert gives you just enough time to prepare, evaluate and understand your room for better terms and stronger negotiation. Sometimes even just the threat of going to RFP for an expiring contract is enough for a carrier to surrender to better rates. That’s the ‘speak softly and carry a big stick’ part.

Here’s where Valicom comes in. Our contract and RFP experts will help you ‘talk the talk’. Our team has years of experience negotiating contracts big and small, with all of the major carrier players. We know all the right pain points and tender spots on the carrier’s side. What’s more, we have access to benchmark industry data. Example: What are other organizations in similar size and spend paying for their services. And through thoughtful and strategic negotiation, we’ll help you secure those same rates.

Working with a telecom expert will put you ahead when it comes to negotiation with your vendor. Contract negotiation puts you in the driver’s seat of your telecom environment, and is a big money saver when done accurately, strategically and with the correct leverage.