Streamlined Invoice Approval with Clearview

Clearview’s Invoice ApprovalAssures On-Time Payment, Every Month

Every month invoices arrive from the Finance or Accounts Payable departments. Charges, invoices and expenses that need to be approved by a variety of department heads, managers and directors. It’s a daunting and complicated task, auditing, allocating, submitting for approval and finally paying these invoices. For most organizations the ‘submitting for approval’ process is the most time consuming and costly part. But it doesn’t have to be.

Which is why Valicom created the ‘Invoice Approval Module’ for Clearivew. The module creates an automatic, documented and streamlined process for approving invoices. We’ll make it easy for you to keep your finger to the pulse of your expenses, how they are changing over time, and how they are being paid. You’ll have full control and visibility over all of the invoices under your management. We’ll handle everything between the moment an invoice is received and the moment the check is cut.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Assign Approvers.

At setup Clearview assignment rules are created assigning the users to approve invoices each month. Approver(s) can be assigned by: 
•  Spend thresholds (ex: >$1,000, $5,000+)
• Device or service type (ex: wireless, wirelines)
• General ledger or department codes
• Location or buildings

Step 2: Receive Email.

When an invoice has been processed and audited by Valicom, an email prompt is sent to the assigned approver(s). The email contains a secure link to the Clearview invoice approval module, prompting the user with a list of invoices pending their approval. These invoices can be sorted by charge amount, variance, account info, and any pertinent notes regarding the invoice.

Step 3: Click Approve! 

Invoices can be approved individually or all at once. Once an invoice has been approved, it is added to the bill pay queue. If something looks incorrect, an invoice can be rejected and sent back to Valicom for disputes or credit request.


Streamlining the invoice approval process is possible with the right tools. Are your existing processes holding up the finance department? These practices could be delaying payments, causing service disruptions, and incurring late fees? Clearview’s ‘Invoice Approval Module’ makes reviewing and approving invoices an absolute snap. Your team will receive email prompts whenever there is an invoice that needs approval. Automate this process and eliminate the room for potential fees and service disruption with Clearview’s ‘Invoice Approval Module’.

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