3 Ways to Spy Invoice Errors

Invoice errors. Those pesky little line items that are costing your operations budgets big time. So what are they? Typically, telco items that are not billing correctly, disconnects gone unprocessed, and a myriad of slamming and cramming fraudulent charges. How will you distinguish what is what? How will you spot those opportunities for savings?

Here are three of Valicom’s favorite tips and tricks for successfully finding invoices errors and recouping credit. Full disclosure, these best practices might not be what you want to hear… but the savings you’ll recoup is guaranteed to be music to your ears. 

Perfecting the Process: Who is currently processing invoices? Is this individual qualified to review telecom invoices? Do they have the experience and know-how to find errors and dispute charges? Often these tasks are delegated to IT or Finance, neither of who have the time or specialized experience to be identifying opportunities for savings. Think of it this way, the less experienced your reviewer is, the costlier telecom processing is for your organization. The long and the short of it is that perhaps it’s time to outsource invoice processing. 

Tools and Reports for Variances: At-a-glance dashboards within Clearview make managing by variance a snap. See something that doesn’t look quite right? Has spending in one department or location increased dramatically since last month? Dive into the corresponding invoices to take a closer look. 

Documenting Disconnects: We’re seeing an uptick in disconnects lately? Why? Our clients are moving away from outdated technology and onto SIP. Another reason on the wireless front, employees are staying job for shorter and shorter amounts of time. When an employee leaves, their wireless services needs to be shut off. Clearview allows for carefully documented disconnect ordering and tracking. Did that disconnect pop up again on your monthly invoice? Our team is all over it. 

Without a doubt, finding invoice errors is well worth the effort. And however it’s being handled currently, invoice processing and auditing is something that shouldn’t be put on the back burner.

Consider outsourcing your invoices processing and auditing. We’ll help find that needle in the haystack and seek out invoice errors. Saving you time and money in the process. Learn more about proper invoice processing our latest live training ‘i-Spy Invoice Errors’ happening April 7th at 1:00 PM CT.