The Top 5 Commonly Missed Invoice Errors

Savings within your telecom invoices are hiding just below the surface. But are you searching hard enough to find them? You would be surprised to know how often telecom invoices go totally unchecked, and how easy it is for telecom invoice errors to slip by. The result is crippling, and might be costing your organization more than you think.

Today we share five of the most common invoices errors that could be holding your telecom budget back.

ONE. Slamming and Cramming: Unauthorized third party billing items show up on your telecom invoices without you noticing or without your permission. Theseline items can include ringtones, 3rd party promotional texts, personal 800 numbers, and pay-per-use calls ‘900’.

TWO. Unprocessed Disconnections: Lines that were requested to be disconnected, and it showed up again on your monthly invoice. Agh! Here’s a little horror story. Many years ago we brought a healthcare client on-board. An initial inventory and invoice audit revealed that they had been paying for telecom lines in a building that had been demolished over 12 years ago. Ouch!

THREE. Contract Compliance: Are you being billed for exactly what your contact says? You’d be surprised how often there are discrepancies between contracts and invoices. It’s worth the time to double check. We perform a cursory invoice and contract compliance audit at account set up. It allows us to get a 360 view of the environment, and double check that everything is being billed correctly.

FOUR. Tax & Tariffs: Are your tax exemptions being applied correctly? Perhaps they are being applied at incorrect rates. Navigating through all of these charges can be a tough row to hoe. Do you know what you qualify for? Let our team make recommendations for running leaner and more accurately.

FIVE. Multiplicity: Occasionally one telephone line appears on two separate invoices from the same carrier. We call this multiplicity, and it can be a big problem especially in large telecom environments. Double the cost, double the trouble. This is an error that would be discovered during the initial inventory and invoice audit. Double billing line items will be disconnected by our team, and we’ll handle the credit recovery. What you do with the savings is up to you.

Wondering if you are missing these common telecom invoice errors? It may be time to enlist a telecom expense management team. Through a detailed contact compliance check and on-going invoice audits, our team will review and recover savings hiding in your telecom invoices.