Valicom Shares Q4 Client Satisfaction Survey Results!

Valicom’s telecom expense management (TEM) clients reported spectacular satisfaction scores for the fourth quarter of 2015! And boy did we ended the year with a bang!

Did you know? Since 2000, we have been surveying our clients to gain insight into how satisfied they are in eight key areas: professionalism, overall expectation, communication, quality and accuracy, understanding client needs, responsiveness, meeting deadlines, and overall value.

The client satisfaction scores for the 4th quarter were 3.97 on a 4.0 scale!

Our overall satisfaction score for all of 2015 is 3.93! Wow!

Client comments from the survey further emphasize Valicom’s daily commitment to our values:

“Valicom provides me incredible time savings and almost instant access to needed telecom data.”

 “Valicom pays our invoices accurately and on time every month. They also provide us with a great variety reports that help us better understand our telecom spend.”

“I enjoy working with our project manager, she is very reliable and responds quickly to our issues!”

“Having Valicom take care of our telecom expenses frees up time for us, so we can get back to our core duties.”

Thinking about adding TEM to your telecom processes and practices? Add proven satisfaction and experience to your existing telecom processes with Valicom.