4 Ways to Reduce Telecom Expenses

Even though telecom and IT expenditures are one of the largest operating expenses for organizations, many times these expenses are overlooked. Usually there is lack of realization that your organization may be spending way more than is necessary. Lack of expertise to know what to look for, lack of resources to do the manual work, or lack of time are the three root causes of frustration when managing expenses. There are billing errors, overcharges, and many other areas of risk that often lurk in your environment.

When telecom billing, dispute resolution, and bill payment are done in-house it can be difficult to stop time and sort through every invoice that comes through the door. The best way to reduce telecom expenses and take control of your telecom environment is to have the right tools and processes in place.

Cursory Audit

What inventory do you have as part of your telecom environment? And what do you spend on your invoices every month? First, you need to be able to answer these questions. It’s important to know what inventory you have and what devices you are being charged for. We have had past clients who have devices that are not being used that they are still paying for on a regular basis. The second part of your cursory audit is knowing how much you spend on telecom. Surprisingly, most companies don’t know; and those who guess are usually incorrect.

Environment Optimization

After a cursory audit, you’ll want environment optimization. At Valicom, we will make recommendations for your inventory, usage, and contract rates. Following through with these recommendations will give you the deal that is best for everyone on your team and reduce telecom expenses. The end goal is to save you money and keep your employees satisfied!


There is always the possibility that you’ve been overspending for an extended duration of time. If this is the case, our team will help recoup credits to be applied to future billing. For example, if we notice a circuit that is contracted to bill for $700 per month mistakenly billed for $3,000 over six months, we could pursue the back credits of $13,800.

On-Going Support

Your telecom expense management (TEM) journey doesn’t stop there. Having on-going support will reduce telecom expenses and keep you on top of your game. We’ll continue to manage, or provide you with the tools you need to manage your telecom spend. With the increase in technology, businesses are increasingly beginning to see the need for a support team. Having a team that you can consult about your telecom environment, any time any day, is a load off your back.

Now that you know what TEM means, how these services are delivered is up to you. Valicom is unique in that our TEM offering ranges from “We do it for you”, to “We do it together”, to “You do it yourself.” This allows us to offer flexible options and pricing to match the needs of most businesses spending $100K a year or more on telecom. Speak to us today to find the right telecom solution for your organization.

About the Author: Brittany Peckham