New Technology Calls for a Closer Eye on Your Telecom Environment

Managing telecom invoices are complicated and overwhelming; and new technology is only making managing your telecom expenses harder. Many companies attempt to manage their telecom invoices and usually find themselves looking at long, hard to read excel spreadsheets. They might as well have a tall stack of unorganized papers on their desk.

In the end, the time put into trying to make sure every telecom invoice is error free and collaborating with the company’s records becomes unreasonable. Some businesses assume that their telecom vendor will make sure the invoices are error free when, in reality, vendor account representatives put very little effort into making sure everyone’s invoices are flawless.

New Technology Affects Billing Errors

With the rise of new technology, the types and amount of billing errors are increasing. This means that more time will need to be put into auditing invoices. If controlling your telecom environment wasn’t hard before, it definitely is now. A common error we find with technology or vendor change, within companies, is missing tabs on inventory. If inventory is not accounted for, it can become lost and the company could still be paying for devices that they are no longer using. Trust me it happens!

Managing Inventory

Telecom expense management (TEM) software care help you manage your inventory. When you sign up with a TEM provider, like Valicom, you can expect for them to maintain a detailed, up-to-date telecom or wireless inventory for your company. Telecom inventory management usually includes:

  • Organizing and updating telecom and wireless inventory data
  • Listing all devices, plans, circuits, and lines you have
  • Tracking all telecom orders and changes
  • Interpreting and entering CSR data
  • Properly associating telecom inventory with locations, users, GL Codes, etc.

The cloud is a platform that is widely used around the world. Its IP-based communication is taking over other telephone services. With this upgrade in technology keeping track of inventory is essential. This new technology is great! But don’t let it hurt you financially. You are now aware of the new technology side effects, contact a TEM provider to see what your options are to keep track of your inventory and avoid more billing errors.

About the Author: Brittany Peckham