Advanced and Custom Telecom Reporting Through Clearview

Expanding need for telecom reporting?

Here’s some good news. Our technology expense management engine, Clearview, is for just the right tool for the big data geeks, the number crunchers, and the financial trend spotters. Why? The web-based tool offers advanced and custom telecom reporting. So you can slice and dice your invoice data any which way, to analyze and optimize where it makes sense.

Valicom’s Clearview tracks voice, wireless and data assets, invoices and costs trends in one interface. The tool allows for better transparency and control across inventory, invoices, cost allocation, contracts, procurement and budgeting. Which means there’s a lot of data available to be analyzed.

Clearview’s biggest strength is telecom reporting. The web-based telecom tool comes standard with 54 pre-built and automatic reports. These reports pull from your telecom invoice information which is hosted and loaded each month in Clearview.

Our dashboard views make it easy for any aspect of your telecom invoice information to be displayed and shared with your team. All of these reports can be popped into at-a-glance dashboards, for easy to see trending pie charts, bar graphs and ‘Top 5’ lists. Check it out:

Clearview Telecom Reporting offers 54 Standard Reports

See all of the reports that come standard in Clearview>>>

Clearview has 54 pre-built reports, and what’s more is that our team can assist in building any number of custom reports based on your business reporting needs. Custom telecom reporting is a service that we offer to our clients free of charge. Boss needs to see how much the Jonestown location is spending month over month, split down to the department level? No problem. Advanced and custom telecom reporting allows your data to be dispalyed and exported in a way that works best for your business.

Learn more about our advanced and custom telecom reporting by requesting a demo of Clearview.