Bill Pay & Cost Allocation

Critical Managed Services For Your Telecom Environment

 A seemingly endless amount of invoices arrive at your office every month. Thousands of line items within a complex telecom environment, and expenses that are spiraling out of control. Who is responsible for paying which invoice, and how will these expenses be split amongst the departments? Does this sound familiar? Here’s a quick thought. What might be missing from your telecom processes is cost allocation and bill pay. Add efficiency and transparency to your cost with these managed telecom services, now offered by Valicom.


Cost Allocation: Is all about slicing the pie.

Take one invoice and split the costs across multiple departments, locations or employees. Costs can be split in a way that is both fair and transparent to all parties involved.

Bill Pay: The most common issue that occurs when paying telecom bills

One check cut to cover several invoices. That lump sum is then applied to the wrong invoices, leaving some invoices incorrectly unpaid. Shoot! This mistake leads to lines going disconnected, and hefty late fees. Ouch! When Valicom manages your telecom bill pay – each invoice is paid separately and on time, every time. Guaranteed.

Outsource the pieces of your operations that take up the most amount of time. Gain transparency and efficiency with Valicom’s Cost Allocation & Bill pay services. But these are just a few of the services we offer out clients, see all of our managed telecom expense management services for your telecom invoices and contracts. Let us fill in the gaps… and make your business run smoother.

Want to learning more? Cost allocation and bill pay services will make your life so much easier. That’s what we aim for. Chat with our team to find out how.