Outsourced Telecom Management

When is it time to delegate TEM?

Do you have a dedicated telecom manager and analyst? Who is reviewing your telecom invoices each month? Is this process efficient or time consuming?…. If your answers to these questions are… ‘no’, ‘no one’, and ‘time consuming’ – signs point to a need for outsourced telecom management for your telecom environment.

Here’s a quick list of the items that can be handed off to expert telecom expense management experts, like Valicom.


There are two types of telecom audits, a cursory and an on-going audits. Both have benefits, but our flavor of choice is the on-going audit. An on-going audit means that your bills are being checked line by line every month. Each billing period, we check for errors to confirm that each charge is kosher. If something looks odd, we’ll follow up with your carriers to correct the error and request the credit.

Invoice Processing

Imagine all of your telecom invoice information in one place. This invoice data is then scrubbed, reviewed, and double checked. Data derived from the invoice processing helps us make optimization recommendations and request credits when necessary.

Bill Pay

Each of your telecom invoices paid correctly and on-time, every time. Sounds like a dream, right? No more disconnects or rushed credit card payments. We’ll pay each invoice with a separate check for each invoice… clearing up any potential of misapplied payments or late fees.

Cost Allocation

Slice the pie of your telecom invoices, and separate costs by location, employees, department. With cost allocation rules in place, invoice costs are divided in a way that is transparent and fair. Bill back telecom costs to the departments or locations originating the costs, and free up your tech budget.

Inventory Management

Clearview makes it easy for you to manage all of your telecom inventory in one central place. Your inventory can then be separated by location or type, all the way down to the line level.  Clearview makes managing inventory a snap.


Turn off the devices and lines that are not being used. It sounds simple, but  monitoring usage for thousands of devices, month after month, can be time consuming. Our team can make suggestions for what lines can safely be disconnected, and we’ll request the disconnects and credits on your behalf.

Think you can handle these things on your own? Oof! Consider outsourcing your telecom expense management efforts to a team of telecom experts. It’s easy with Valicom’s service menu. You pick the services you want and need, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ with Valicom. You’re the boss.

Call us! We’ll help point you in the right direction.