Telecom cost control for the rest of us.

What is TEM? Where do I start?

TEM stands for ‘telecom expense management’ – it means taking a proactive stance to telecom cost control. It’s something you can do internally, or outsource to a team of experts.  TEM is the careful management of telecom invoices, inventory, and line usage. Whether you have a small telecom environment, or an incredibly complex environment, there are always areas for efficiency and improvement in your TEM processes.

Why Valicom?

Valicom has been laser-focused on telecom expense management (TEM) for over 24 years. We’d like to think we’ve got it down to a science. Invoices are uploaded into Clearview, our proprietary TEM software, where telecom analysts pour over each invoice line by line. Our analysts dig really deep into the details, looking for errors, 3rd party charges and any other type of unauthorized charges. From there the telecom analysts request credits on your behalf.

Then we take it one step further. Our expert analysts look into usage for each line, monitoring carefully for zero-usage or under-utilized lines. We’ll tell you which lines can be turned off, and you’ll save a bundle. This is called optimization, and it’s one of the many services our team offers our clients. See all of the telecom cost control services we offer, including invoice and contract services.

Are you considering TEM?

Maybe your team just needs software to manage your telecom expenses, or maybe you want to hand your TEM totally to a team of experts. The best part is that both of these options exist with Valicom. Our a la carte menu allows you to pick and choose only the tools and services that you need.  Request a discussion with our team, and we’ll help you determine which level of TEM engagement best fits your needs.