The Proactive Approach: Controlling Telecom Costs

Telecom costs are often responsible for a business’ largest operating expense, and yet so frequently, they go completely unmanaged. Does this sound familiar? Take the first simple steps to controlling telecom costs by accessing Valicom’s newest white paper, “The Proactive Approach: Controlling Telecom Costs”. This white paper outlines initial questions organizations need to consider to achieve proactive management of telecom costs.

Forrester Research reported that 75 percent of businesses across all industries indicated that telecom expense management (TEM) is a priority for 2015. TEM has widely flown under the radar for many years, but exploding telecom costs have caused organizations to rethink their spending. More and more organizations are beginning to think more strategically and proactively about managing telecom costs.

Invoice Shock

“Invoice shock is the moment a telecom bill arrives and someone at the organization, whether it is finance or IT, realizes that these costs have spiraled completely out of control,” commented Jeff Poirior, Valicom’s president and COO. “Calming this shock and creating a plan to reduce telecom costs is Valicom’s specialty. Our latest free resource outlines critical steps towards regaining control.”

Proactive approaches to reducing costs outlined in the white paper include: 

Reducing Telecom spend through contract negotiation – Reduce telecom spend with benchmarking, RFP’s,and contract negotiation;

Outsourcing to supplement expertise – Discover the TEM services that fit different company’s needs. Options include bill pay, cost allocation and inventory management; and

Finding the right TEM firm – Every business has a unique set of telecom needs. Finding a TEM provider who allows flexibility in choosing only what is needed for the individual organization will allow for the greatest amount of savings.

Find more proactive options to help reduce and control telecom spend by downloading our full white paper.