TEM Service Spotlight: Telcom Bill Pay

Telecom bill pay is a time-consuming process, that when handled wrong – can end up costing your organization even more. If you misapply a payment, or miss a deadline – you’ll be slammed with late fees. Avoid these costs (both time and resources) with automatic bill pay, a telecom expense management service offered by Valicom

With Valicom’s Telecom Bill Pay service, once the invoice data is loaded into the Clearview TEM software, the audit performed and the expenses approved, the bills are paid and a data feed sent back to the accounting system.  Each invoice is paid with an individual payment, eliminating a common problem where lump payments are all applied to one invoice, leaving others unpaid to incur late fees and penalties.

The Benefits of Bill Pay

Reduce Load: Take the weight off your internal Accounts Payable team

Harness Data: Gain access to trending, cost allocation and accrual reporting. We provide a weekly feed that can be easily imported to your AP system.

Consolidate Payments: We cut one check per invoice, reducing risk of misapplied or delayed payments.

No More Late Fees: We pay the right amount for each invoice, at just theright time.

No More Waiting on Hold: We have all of the right contacts for your carriers. Let us escalate issues and request refunds to carriers on your behalf.