Top TEM Outsourced Services

Are you considering outsourcing your telecom expense management? You are not alone. More and more organizations are choosing to leave this tedious task to the experts and freeing up their internal resources for the things that they do best. The move is incredibly strategic, outsourcing TEM will help your business reducing overhead costs, while creating efficiency in your processes.

As in most business undertakings and initiatives… the first steps of the journey can be the most overwhelming… read on, oh-brave-one.

Step One – Discovery & Questions

The initial portion of the ‘Hey, I think we need TEM’ is really all about discovery and asking some hard questions that you may or may not have the answers to. Read a few of those questions in our ‘Five Questions For Better Telecom Expense Management’ white paper.

Step Two – Decide What You Need

Outsource telecom expense management services come in all shapes and sizes. The most important part is YOU. What do you want? What do you need assistance with? What can be handled by your team… and which parts do they not have the skill set for? Here are some of our top outsourced TEM services:

Invoice Auditing & Processing: Audits come in all shapes and sizes. Valicom’s wheelhouse is on-going audits. Which means that we’re performing audits each month, from your invoice information. We are checking line-by-line that everything is being billed correctly, for example – that a requested disconnects actually happened and is reflected. Telecom invoices are received by our team in the mail and through the carrier’s websites. This data is imported into Clearview and reviewed with a fine-tooth comb by our team. Variances are tracked carefully, to make sure one month isn’t drastically and alarmingly different from the month before. When things don’t look quite right, issues are reported to the carrier and credits requested.

Cost Allocation: Simply means assigning telecom costs in a way that they can be automatically divided each month. When you divide the expenses between departments, locations and employees – the balance due can be paid in a way that is transparent and fair. The total invoice amount can be divided down to 1% of the total invoice amount – now that’s granular! Cost allocation allows managers to more accurately paint a picture of what is being spent and budget for the coming year.

Optimization: Are you actively seeking opportunities to find savings within your telecom environment? Environment optimization is the sweet spot and the most celebrated part of our services. Why? It’s the process of requesting and recovering credits for things in your telecom inventory that have been billed incorrectly or do not match your contracted rates. Optimization also means turning off devices that are not being used. Our Optimization services typically turn into the cost justification for all of the other services that we provide (like invoice processing and bill pay). ROI x 10? Yes, please!

Bill Pay: How many checks are your AP team cutting each month to cover your various telecom vendors and the resulting invoices? With Valicom’s Bill Pay service – your team cuts one check per month. Simple and easy solution. Stop wasting time cutting checks, and double checking that these payments have been applied to the correct invoice. Our team cuts individual checks for each invoice. Reducing the common problem and confusion created when a big fat check is cut to cover multiple invoices for a single carrier. Here’s a little bit more about how bill pay works.

See our full suite of invoice and contract managed services for telecom. Whether you’re new to TEM – or considering removing tasks from your team’s overloaded plates… Valicom’s a la carte TEM service options will allow you to create a custom solution for your business needs.