TEM Partners: White Labeling TEM Software

Help! Your clients are looking for a dedicated telecom tracking software tool. Years ago, you provided them a formulaic and complicated Excel sheet to compliment your telecom expense management and auditing services… But the Excel sheet just isn’t cutting it anymore. Where do you turn next?

Say Goodbye to Excel! Partner with Valicom – to put a strategic TEM tool in your arsenal. That’s where Clearview comes in. Clearview is Valicom’s TEM engine. We created it for our team to manage and track telecom expenses for our clients. The tool is capable of reporting in incredible detail the variances and trends over time. We decided the tool was so lovely, we wanted to share it with other IT and telecom consultants, TEM firms, and channel partners.

Here’s the best part. You can make Clearview your very own. White label our Clearview tool with your business’ branding, colors and logos. White labeling TEM software is a simple and straightforward six-step process. Request more information about adding Clearview to your consultancy and how to make the tool your own with our white label process.

Still not sold? The Benefits White Labeling TEM Software:

Contract Management: Every telecom contract in one place. Set up notifications / alerts for when one is about to expire. Contract management means you’ll always have the upper hand when it’s time to negotiate for better rates.

Unlimited Users: Application-based tools allow you to collaborate and work synchronously for an unlimited amount of people.

Transparency: Through customized reporting. Clearview comes standard with 54 pre-built reports. Or you can create and export unlimited custom reports.

Cost Allocation: Assign telecom costs to be billed to specific locations, employees, or department. Transparency in costs just got so much easier, we can slice an individual invoice down to 1% of the total bill.

Detailed Inventory: Every single details of your individual inventory items lives in one place (carrier, invoice number, circuit number, BTN, and more)