TEM for Energy: Key Benefits

The Key Benefits of TEM for Valicom’s Energy Management Clients

This month has been all about energy, and we’re practically buzzing from excitement. Why? Because we’ve seen TEM have a big impact specifically within the energy vertical. Did you catch our energy resources? See our latest case study (*Spolier Alert* we saved one client $700K – read the full story here) and our latest Q&A session with Joe, listen to that here.

The Who, What, Why. Who & What? We see it time and time again, energy management organizations are struggle to control their telecom expenses. Why? Because so often there is a gigantic amount of locations and vendors to be controlled and monitored.

The Solution. When an emergency energy outage happens, the last thing energy companies want to be focusing on is  processing telecom invoices… right? They have customers to serve with power. To ease this pain, Valicom offers our clients a full suite of telecom expense management services, for our energy clients – this means invoices processing, inventory management, cost allocation and bill pay. Our energy clients are provided with whole new database of information that allows for them to save money on the telecom expenses. Any questions or concerns are quickly answered by our general manager. They have cutting edge technology at their fingertips that help organize all the devices they have serving their company.

These services allow our energy clients to free up their internal resources for the parts of their business that matter most – keeping the power on. The second big benefit from outsourced TEM? Major savings… read on!

Reasons for TEM in Energy

Gaining visibility into your telecom spend – In the past, clients have realized they were blindly paying invoices month after month with no clear understanding if all the invoiced services were in fact needed. The bottom line? Savings.

Taking a load off

The effort of paying the hundreds of monthly telecom invoices becomes tiresome for energy companies.  When energy companies realize they could have professional invoice auditing assistance and have help in invoice processing they became interested in TEM.  Valicom’s energy clients have created great success stories.

Having a main point of contact

Valicom’s energy general manager, Joe, is available daily via email and phone to answer any questions our client contacts may have.  Besides that, but just as important, we are here to serve as the primary auditor of each and every invoice that arrives monthly.  Between two energy clients we see 1,000+ monthly invoices. Having an experienced telecom auditor review every invoice is crucial to the success of any TEM project.

Energy is the leading adopters of telecom expense management practices, and for good reason. There are significant benefits for all energy companies across the board. Let us show you what there is to gain from TEM in Energy. 

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