TEM for Energy: Q&A Podcast

Listen in and get the inside scoop on TEM For Energy Q&A Session

From a telecom manager’s perspective

Meet Joe, one of Valicom’s project managers, in our latest telecom expense management (TEM) resource. Today we share our ‘TEM for Energy’ Q&A Session. Joe sat down with me to chat about his most notable client industry vertical, energy. Here’s what he had to say about the pressures energy companies are feeling to become leaner and more efficient – and where TEM comes into the mix.

Joe serves two of our largest energy clients, and has been working closely with them for over four years.  Day-to-day, he handles invoice processing, cost allocation, and wireline/wireless optimization for both energy clients.

Why is the energy industry is such a good match for TEM?

Energy companies tend to have a wide variety of services spread out over many different locations and vendors throughout their service area.  Often Energy companies have hundreds of substations in rural areas from more ‘Mom & Pop’ type telephone companies instead of just having 2-3 ‘core’ vendors. The diverse set of services and locations can be a challenge for finance personnel to adequately manage.  TEM is a great help in providing clear visibility into the various areas of the telecom spend through cost allocation and reporting.

Which services suit energy businesses best?

Auditing Invoices

With cost allocation energy company’s can focus their efforts on their core business, delivering energy to customers, instead of checking for errors in their telecom invoices.

Cost Allocation

Energy companies have many internal divisions that are responsible for different portions of the telecom spend.  With cost allocation, Energy companies can rely on the fact that their costs are accurately allocated per their specifications.

Dedicated Point of Contact

Having a presence outside the organization to assist with reporting and cost breakdowns is beneficial.  Often reporting is needed on demand or with little notice, so having a dedicated project manager available to create customized reporting is definitely helpful for Energy companies.