TEM Software: Clearview for Telecom Expense Management

Finding the right TEM software for your telecom environment

When Excel just isn’t cutting it anymore, it may be time to turn to a proper TEM software. A tool built just for telecom expense management, that has the key functionality you need for cost allocation, invoice approval, and contract management.

Meet Clearview, Valicom’s web-based SaaS platform. It’s an application-based TEM software, which means there is nothing to install, and no IT hassles. Your telecom team can just login and go.  User-specific permissions allow your telecom team different levels of access, modify, and pull reports of your telecom environment. This level of clarity and control, plus so much more (see below), are the reasons why so many organizations are turning to TEM software.

TEM software allows

Contract Management: Access all of your telecom contract in one place. Set up notifications / alerts for when one is about to expire. Contract management means you’ll always have the upper hand when it’s time to negotiate for better rates.

Synchronous Work: Application-based tools allow you to collaborate and work together, rather than ‘Save As’ and sending messages like ‘please work from this version of the spreadsheet’

Better Transparency: Through customized reporting. Clearview comes standard with 54 pre-built reports. Or you can create and export unlimited custom reports.

Cost Allocation: Assign telecom costs to be billed to specific locations, employees, or department. Transparency in costs just got so much easier, we can slice an individual invoice down to 1% of the total bill.

Detailed Inventory: Every single details of your individual inventory items lives in one place (carrier, invoice number, circuit number, BTN, and more)

If you are considering adding specialized TEM software to your telecom processes – Request of demo of Clearview. You’ll be amazed what the right tools can do!