Achieving Optimization Through Telecom Cost Management

Are you taking the proper steps for telecom cost management?

Sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics. Wipe the slate clean, and start totally fresh. So often we get caught up in the deep telecom details, that it’s easy to forget that there are organizations out there have no idea that there are options for their telecom spend. They have no idea what telecom cost management is or how to start finding these savings.

So let me be the first to tell you. When it comes to telecom…. You have options! There are savings!

TEM stands for telecom expense management. It means proactive management of your invoices, contracts, and usage. Essentially placing a finger of the pulse of your telecom environment, with the goal of efficient telecom cost management. TEM means different things to different organization. For some it means helping review and managed invoices, by the hundred or even thousands, each month. For others it means assistance negotiating contracts through benchmarked pricing information. Some organizations have large telecom teams of 5 or more people, while others consist of a half of an IT person and half of an AP person.

Our goal is to be a part of your telecom team. To supplement and provide insight where you need, or to lend a hand  to do the heavy lifting when you lack the time or resources. At the core of our business is managed services. We offer a full suite of managed services for telecom cost management. Whether its invoices processing, inventory building, or assistance with BYOD – our team can lend a hand in a variety of levels.

Then comes Clearview, our web-based TEM software. It’s what our team uses internally to managed the telecom environments that range in size and complexity. Our clients use Clearview internally with their own telecom teams, to pull detailed reports, track spending trends, and keep inventory in check.  That’s what makes Clearview so great, it’s highly adaptable and detailed.

Telecom cost management means actively searching for and achieving savings within your telecom environment. It’s things you can do with an internal telecom team, or by tapping a TEM firm like Valicom. The biggest thing I want to hit home today is that you have options, and there are opportunities for optimization within your telecom environment. Find them!