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TEM For Healthcare Webinar: Training on Your Terms

Did you miss our TEM for healthcare webinar? It’s now available on-demand, and on your schedule. Last week we hosted our first ever healthcare focused webinar – and were so glad to have such a great reception from attendees. Rising costs are driving healthcare organizations to rapidly adopt telecom expense management (TEM) practices, and for good reason.

During the session we shared critical information for proactive telecom management within the healthcare industry – and why we are seeing so many large healthcare systems are choosing to looking to outsource their TEM. What it really boils down to is that we are doing more with less. Each year IT budgets are spread a little bit thinner, especially within the healthcare industry.

TEM For Healthcare Webinar

In our streaming webinar, we shared some of the red flags that it’s time to consider TEM, and some of the first steps a healthcare organization can take to start saving.

We also covered 

Cutting Costs: How rising telecom costs and a lack of transparency is affecting your IT department.

Impact of TEM: What proper telecom expense management can do for your telecom budget. (Hint: how does 10-40% sound?)

Finding the Right Fit: Choosing the right tools and services for your organization’s size and structure.

Case studies included during the presentation demonstrate how our healthcare clients have used Valicom TEM experts to reduce costs and risks within their IT departments. If your telecom spend makes you cringe, and you’re looking to make a positive change this year – it’s time for TEM!