Latest Case Study: Healthcare

Healthcare is an industry we see again and again having the biggest impact through TEM initiatives. Why? Because the healthcare industry as a whole is constantly forced to do more with smaller budgets. What that means is tightening their spending belts wherever they can. For the IT department, that’s where proper telecom expense management comes into play. Telecom expense management solutions, the pairing of tools and managed services, to achieve higher levels of optimization within telecom spend and resources dedicated to managing the environment.

Today we share a success story through a healthcare TEM case study, to demonstrate the impact Valicom had on a regional healthcare provider’s telecom environment.

With 23 years of TEM know-how under our belts, we have racked up a success story or two. Sometimes it takes seeing a story to really understand exactly what we do for our clients. The following is an outline of a case study where, when faced with a lack of internal expertise and resources, this healthcare client decided it was time to outsource their invoice processing.

Quick Facts

Industry: Healthcare System
Annual Telecom Spend: $2.5M
Locations: 42
Contract Term: 10 years, and counting!

Results: More efficient invoice processing, consistencies in processes across locations, and more transparent cost allocation.

Our engagement and initiatives with this healthcare organization has allowed smoother growth within their expansive environment. With just a few telecom team members, the client needed a few more experts in their corner and advocating for more efficient processes. Our team helped free up their internal team for higher priority IT tasks. Read all of the details in the full healthcare TEM case study, or see all of our case studies, here.