Telecom Expense Types

Unfamiliar with a certain telecom expense?

Telecom line items explained

When a new client approaches Valicom, our first step towards TEM is to create a full inventory of their telecom environment. It helps our team of telecom experts get their arms around what the client currently has within their contracts. More often then not, there are inefficiencies and unused or under used items, that can be turned off. What makes up your telecom environment? Here’s a more telling question… do you even know what is included in your telecom environment?

Wireline – a phone sitting on a desk, a hotel or hospital room, in a lobby, or at the service counter.

Wireless  – a cell phone plan, data – minutes – text messages, or the device itself (BYOD or employer provided)

Internet Service – wireless data plans or home internet connections

WAN – Wide Area Network, a network that covers a broad area using telecom lines.

LAN – Local Area Network, a computer network that spans a relatively small area. Most LANs are defined by a single building, or small group of buildings.

Miscellaneous – Other items that can include:

Pagers – did you know pagers are still widely used in the healthcare industry? Here’s why.

Aircards / Wi-fi hotspots – data on the go! A huge convenience for the road warriors out there.

Tablets – More and more laptops and desktops are being replaced by tablets. It’s undeniable that there is broad adoption of tablets in the workplace, schools, and for personal use!


Active management of your organization will bring to light which of these line items are active, and which can be turned off. We call it optimization, and it can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings for your IT and telecom budget.

When you’re ready to take control of your telecom environment, and reaching a higher level of optimization, give us a call!