TEM Services: The Proactive Approach

Choosing The Right TEM Services

Flexibility to the Maximum

Valicom offers the absolute smorgasbord of telecom services! Our a la carte service menu options means that you pick only the telecom expense management (TEM) services you want and need. Our mission is to help our clients reduce their telecom expenses. We do this by offering robust telecom contract and invoices services. Mix and match them. Every telecom environment is a little bit different.

Telecom Contract Services

Telecom Benchmarking – gaining access to telecom pricing data from organizations with a similar sized environment.

Contract Negotiation – let Valicom go to bat for you. We can negotiate with them best of them.

RFP – Valicom can manage all aspects of an RFP, from creating the document, to collecting responses, and responding to vendors.

Telecom Invoice Services

Telecom Invoice Auditing  – Reviewing monthly invoices for errors and incorrect rates. It’s hard to find errors if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Reach optimization by correctly identifying and requesting credits for errors.

Bill Pay – Cut one check per month, instead of one per invoice. Let us help you consolidate your AP process through telecom bill pay. We’ll make sure the payments get made on time, and are applied correctly, each month.

Cost Allocation – Who’s going to pay for this? Slice and dice your invoice by department, employee, and location. The responsible party can easily be billed for their telecom assets with cost allocation. You can allocate the total invoice cost down to 1%.

Inventory Management – What is in your telecom environment? Let our team manage your inventory and trim the fat, when needed.

Optimization – Sounds simple, right? Shut down the lines that are not being used or going mostly unused. What it means is careful monitoring of invoices and then contacting carriers, which can be overwhelming.

Team up with Valicom for your TEM service needs, and we’ll put a trusted telecom expert in your corner. Which means you can free up your time and resources…allowing your tem to focus what your business does best.

Psst! This is not a limiting list of our TEM services! See all of our telecom service options, here.