Upcoming Webinar: TEM For Healthcare

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Each year we’re trying to do more with less. Especially within the healthcare industry.  More specific to the IT department, telecom budgets are expected to reach $100 billion in the healthcare industry by 2017.

How are you handling these costs? Are they crushing your IT budgets? And are you sure that you are properly managing these expenses?

Join us June 10th, 1:00 pm CST for our latest webinar “TEM For Healthcare – The Cure for IT Budgets” – we’ll discuss why telecom expense management is absolutely critical for healthcare organizations.

Topics covered during the webinar:

Cutting Costs: How rising telecom costs and a lack of transparency is affecting your IT department.

Impact of TEM: What proper telecom expense management can do for your telecom budget. (Hint: how does 10-40% sound?)

Finding the Right Fit: Choosing the right tools and services for your organization’s size and structure.

Rising costs are driving healthcare organizations to rapidly adopt telecom expense management (TEM) practices, and for good reason. Find out why, and how you can too, in our session next month. Register now!