Finding the right Telecom Expense Management Solution

The Big Benefits of TEM

Companies are always looking for ways to save money since costs cut into profits. Keeping employee and company expenses within budget can be a daunting task. The use of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions can help with reducing the costs by concentrating on your company’s technology, business processes, policies and overall usage with employees and customers.

The application of TEM software is a strategic move involving the overall management of your data environment including voice and wireless use. The use of TEM software helps in keeping accurate up to date information.  When issues or inaccuracies are found; the proper response can be quickly implemented saving a company time and money.

Inventory Management

TEM allow a company to keep track of inventory. The inventory will include all of your company’s networking capabilities. Desktop computers, smartphones, the hub server, laptops, tablets, and any other device used in the business. The inventory can help determine which items are valuable to the company.  Outdated devices may cost more to operate.  The TEM software can help determine if the use is too expensive compared to other updated options.

Billing Reminders

Alerts can be made to make certain bills are paid in a timely manner.  Paying the bills on time will reduce late fees and other over charges. The bills or invoices can be viewed to verify accuracy. If there is any inaccurate data, the invoices can be disputed.

Better Budgeting

A company can make the necessary budget allowances based on the detailed information from the TEM reports. The budget can help in determining all the company’s current networking needs while predicting how these needs will change in the future.  The changing needs of the company can come with expansion or through entering the global marketplace.  By analyzing the company’s current data needs, building future infrastructure will be easier and accurate. You will have a better understanding of your company’s overall operating costs related to the network use.

Expense Validation

Employees will have to have expenses validated. The validation of expenses will help in keeping the invoices accurate.

Advanced Reporting

Access deep reporting of your environment. Your company can use the data reports to aid in negotiations with vendors to get the best deal or contract.

Ordering / Procurement

TEM software can help in keeping inventory and order management accurate.

Centralized Info

All the data from every network source within the company can be centralized. The centralization of the data will help in producing reports. The reports can be analyzed to show a company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Applying telecom expense management solutions is a strategic move to optimize your company’s data environment. By reducing risk with inaccurate data reports, a company can save time and money.  Each company’s telecom environment is different; the TEM system can be built around your company’s individual needs with the Clearview software platform.  The software can be utilized in any size company. The data produced will be a valuable resource tool in tracking inventory, invoices, contract negotiation and numerous other uses.