TEM in Healthcare: Key Benefits

Rising costs are driving the need for TEM in healthcare – specifically transparency.

Today more than ever, healthcare organizations are trying to do more with less. Budgets are dissipating, costs for care are rising, and compliance is becoming more difficult. Healthcare systems are joining forces, through mergers and acquisitions, to share costs and become more lean. This is where the complications begin, and where telecom expense management, specifically TEM in healthcare can play a critical role in deciphering and controlling IT and telecom costs.

The Authority on Telecom Management Practices reports in their latest white paper that the average healthcare organization that implements a TEM program will save 9% on fixed costs and 11% on mobile costs annually. Priorities for TEM in healthcare are all about optimizing service costs, improving invoice processing efficiency, and identifying risks.

Reasons for TEM in healthcare

It’s all about transparency

There are intense conversations that happen between departments when those big invoices arrive in the mail. Who will be responsible for these costs? With active TEM, costs can be allocated fairly and accurately. Costs can be granulized up to 1% of the total invoice, and can be assigned to individual employees, departments, and locations. No longer are there questions about who is responsible for costs.

It’s all about accuracy

The bigger the system, the more room there is for error. And when it comes to healthcare – mitigating risks and potential for error is a top priority. A healthy telecom environment is actively monitored for unused assets, overages, as well as slamming / cramming from the carrier. To reach this level of accuracy and optimization, invoices and inventories must be reviewed and managed each month. Does your organization have the resources for these efforts? Lean on telecom expense management experts at Valicom to maintain a high level of accuracy within your environment. We’ll comb through your invoices line by line each month to ensure that all billing is accurate.

It’s all about consistency

When you begin to mix healthcare organizations together, things get messy quickly. Every healthcare system has their own way of doing things, assigned policies and procedures. During mergers and acquisitions, organizations must bring to light their operations, and decide which systems will continue – and which will be replaced with other ways of doing things. A simple example: when a new doctor is is hired, will he / she be allotted a mobile device, what device  and options options are available to the individual? When you engage a telecom expert – the team make recommendations for the most efficient processes, and create consistency across your environment and locations. It’s a task that can be complicated to execute from the inside with too many parties invested in their own practices.

Healthcare is the leading adopters of telecom expense management practices, and for good reason. There are significant benefits for complex and large healthcare organizations. Let us show you what there is to gain from TEM in healthcare. Request a discussion with our team.