Stop Paying Too Much For Your Wireless

We may have mentioned this previously, but it is so important that we need to review on occasion. Let’s talk about your wireless expenses. How much does your company spend each month – do you know? And the trick question here is – are you sure?

Believe it or not, most companies are only vaguely aware of the total expenditure. And even fewer still truly know where all that money is going. You need to constantly check using your wireless expense management systems to ensure you are not paying too much.

Get A Handle On It

Through professional and software services, take confident charge of your total wireless expense management. You might know how much you spend on upgrades for software on the devices you are using, but have you checked to see if it happens automatically, with charges sent to you on an open invoice, or with a credit card number on file? This is but one example how Clearview helps with your wireless expense management.

Data Management

How about your data? Is that automatically activated when you run out? In some cases, companies spend thousands of dollars extra in a month before they even know what has happened. Clearview keeps this from happening, as you get a real-time check on expenses, day or night, any day of the year. That’s truewireless expense management.


When was the last time your telecom services included upgrades on hardware? Is it stated in your contract that it will automatically take place? Do you see employees pull out a phone you hadn’t before seen? Are there more company tablets being passed out without your knowledge? Sadly, there are companies out there who take advantage of every opportunity to scalp you.

These unscrupulous companies charge for upgrades on the fly and new devices sent out. Or better yet, charging for new devices annually, but not actually replacing the old ones, so you are paying for an unused service. You have better things to do with your money than send it down to a bottomless pit.

Yes, you need data and wireless services. But you need to keep the costs down as much as possible. Your wireless expense management needs to be proactive. Clearview makes this happen.

Desk Phones

When you walk through your office suite, do you see a phone sitting on every desk? Is it really necessary, now that nearly all your staff carries a cell phone? Sure, the receptionist has one, and you keep one in your office and the sales guys need them, because of how much time they spend talking to current and future customers. But chances are, the folks who spend at least a quarter of the time in the field really shouldn’t have one taking up space on their desks and a line item of your budget. Clearview shows you this and is the best wireless expense management tool you will find on the market.

Wireless Expense Management

Managing your telecom account is a lot deeper than paying invoices. To truly understand where all the money goes through the wireless expense management, you should access it when you are ready to review the charges. And to do so without all the added burden of plowing through reams of paper.

Clearview Makes It Happen

In a nutshell, you receive great benefits with Clearview. It is more than just software, it allows you to total wireless expense management – with ease. Pinpoint unauthorized charges on your bill. See billing errors at a glance. Save money.

Contact us today to really take charge over your wireless expense management.