What is Net Neutrality? [Infographic]

What does net neutrality really mean for you?

Net neutrality is the principle stating that network-owning companies and internet access providers should not control how consumers lawfully use the network. More specifically -providing  internet access without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. It’s become a hot topic over the last few months, especially from a privacy standpoint.

The question really is – what is the future of broadband? As technology shifts and improves, so do the rules surrounding how it can be used. How will net neutrality laws affect our personal browsing and work activities? How are other countries handling these questions, and what can we learn from each other?

Today we share an infographic created by the New Jersey Institute of Technology Master of Science in Electrical Engineer’s point of view, created in celebration of their Engineering Week. The graphic compares and contrasts US services to those of Europe, and discusses a brief history of the issues. This graphic was originally shared on LightReading. See the full infographic, here.

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