Automatic Telecom Bill Pay

Set it and forget it!

Telecom bill pay is a time-consuming process, that when handled wrong – can end up costing your organization even more. If you misapply a payment, or miss a deadline – you’ll be slammed with late fees. Avoid these costs (both time and resources) with automatic bill pay, a telecom expense management service offered by Valicom

Ongoing Bill Processing – How Valicom processes payments on behalf of our Clients.

Bill Reporting: Each week, we’ll provide you a feed of accounts to be paid. For automatic feed payment, we’ll link accounts via ACH. (A check can be sent if desired, but may delay payment.)

Daily Reconciliation: Valicom confirms and reconciles all deposits received, and checks that have been cashed each day.

All checks and deposits and matched by both check number and amount, to be credited or debited to your account accordingly.

This information is available to you in in Clearview.

Payment: Client’s weekly feed is uploaded into Valicom’ s Client Accounting program, and the total is matched to the Client deposit again when checks are cut.

Checks are given check numbers with a special sequence for each client, and cut from Valicom’ s Client Accounting program.

Checks are stamped and mailed out for payment that day.

Double Check: A ‘Positive Pay’ file is provided to Associated Bank daily to ensure that only checks that match the correct check number and amount can be cashed.

Credit Card Payment: Under special circumstances Valicom may pay the Client’s accounts by credit card.

Each client has an individual credit card number. The vendor and specific account is recorded in the payment memo for each payment.

We’ll keep record of each credit card payment, confirmation code and authorization in Clearview.

Automatic bill pay set up is simple and easy. Once it’s set up, you wont have to worry about inaccurate or late payments every again. Problem, solved.

Learn more about our Automatic Bill Pay services, request a discussion with our team.